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; There’s just something about you that makes me fall for you more & more :) I know that we only talked once but that one time to me was like we talked since the beginning *

; Teens in our generation now think smoking weed is cool when it’s not because it can cause kinds of trouble when you don’t want to start any - They think getting pregnant & having a baby at a young age is ohhkay - when’s not because you never know if the baby daddy is either going to stay & help you raise the baby or leave you…

# What’s wrong with the teens nowadays ? ?

; Ouote of the day :
” I want a guy that doesn’t care what I wear, how I do my hair, loves my smile, my laugh, never would want to see me cry, do small things to make me happy just cause he loves me ♥ “

; This weekend ( March 9-11, 2012 * )

; Friday was fun - Performed for Mes Chamoru & then went to the gym with Gee & we had fun especailly that video we did ! Saturday was alright it was pretty productive - meaning that I cleaned :p & Finally Sunday was good - went to mass & then came home to relax : ) 

; & I am so not excited to go back to school tomorrow cause of the stupid Accredidation team but at the same time I am happy to go back - I’m BIPOLAR :D

; LMFAO :p This is so YUCK ! ! !

; LMFAO :p This is so YUCK ! ! !

; So CUTE !

; So CUTE !

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